Angel Force USA

Hi, I am involved in a non-profit organisation called Angel Force USA.

We are trying to help veterans with mental health issues and PTSD find tools and treatments to stop twenty of them committing suicide EVERY DAY.

California band The Side Deal and I have written and recorded a song called ‘The One That Got Away (see opposite) to benefit the organisation. Please check it out and if you like it, download it for less than a dollar. It’s available from Dec 1st. Thanks.

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Chichester Festival

Sorry about the trumpet blowing but the Chichester gig with 3 new guys guesting and only one rehearsal, went very well. Thanks to Matt Gest, Tommy Blaize and Jamie Moses who all rocked the place. See the review…

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Hello World!

Hi Welcome to my new website!

That’s a picture of where I live.

More stuff coming soon

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