Hello World!

Hi Welcome to my new website!

That’s a picture of where I live.

More stuff coming soon


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13 Responses to Hello World!

  1. Lovely, uplifting photograph. Looking forward to seeing more on the website.

    Curtis Roberts

  2. Robert Reinstein says:

    Hi Jim,
    I found your website as I’m just now discovering “Make Me Smile” (after watching a video of some old Top of the Pops shows) and was doing some research on the band. What an iconic guitar solo!
    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family.

  3. Dale Haskell says:

    Love ya,Jim! Best of everything to you and yours! I’m fortunate to be email pals with Brian Godding,who has been fantastic to me.

  4. Nigel says:

    Hello Jim
    I saw you at Cambridge Rock festival last year, absolutely brilliant. Hope you be there this year.

    • Jim Cregan says:

      Thanks Nigel. I don’t think we will be at Cambridge rock this year because they generally don’t book the same Band 2 years running. All the best, Jim

  5. Van Grif says:

    Hey Jim did you play any of the guitar solos on I was only joking? Bought the FAFF album when I was eight and those solos still never fail to lift me to a higher place. Thank-you. 🙂

    • Jim Cregan says:

      Hi Van,
      Yes it’s all my fault! I played both the acoustic and the electric solos. I got the idea from the morphing solos on “The year of the Cat” by Al Stewart

  6. Ian Coundon says:

    Hello Jim
    Liz and I have woken up this morning wondering if it all was a dream being up on stage with you and the guys last night at the Regent, you certainly made us smile! Thank you. Great gig, please don’t leave it too long before rocking the Regent again. Welcome to you and your family to Christchurch.

  7. Mark Pardy says:

    Hi Jim great gig at the Regent last Friday come back soon .

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