New Christmas Single!

When a Child is Born
original art from Sam Tanner


We have recorded a new version of Johnny Mathis’ classic When a Child is Born.
It escapes on Monday 14 November 2022 on all the usual platforms (except eleven and a half} Sam Tanner sings with some help from Ben Mills

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New Studio Album from Cregan & Co. Out Now!

Click this link to stream the title track:

It took us ages to make this and most of the songs are originals, just for a change 🙂 It’s available on apple music etc but if you want an actual physical CD please go to our website shop at and we will be happy to send you one.

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Stars Cars Guitars Podcast


What is Stars Cars Guitars?

It’s a podcast, presented by singer Tony Hadley, guitarist Jim Cregan and broadcaster Alex Dyke.

What is Stars Cars Guitars all about?

It’s three guys talking about rock and roll adventures, their favourite cars and tales of the stars and friends they met on the way.

So it’s all about stars, cars and guitars – right?

Yes… and no. It’s also about success, fame, family, laughter, memories and dreams. It’s really a show about friendship. It’s a conversation between three old mates, who like telling stories and sharing jokes. It’s a safe place. Join them!

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Angel Force USA

Hi, I am involved in a non-profit organisation called Angel Force USA.

We are trying to help veterans with mental health issues and PTSD find tools and treatments to stop twenty of them committing suicide EVERY DAY.

California band The Side Deal and I have written and recorded a song called ‘The One That Got Away (see opposite) to benefit the organisation. Please check it out and if you like it, download it for less than a dollar. It’s available from Dec 1st. Thanks.

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Chichester Festival

Sorry about the trumpet blowing but the Chichester gig with 3 new guys guesting and only one rehearsal, went very well. Thanks to Matt Gest, Tommy Blaize and Jamie Moses who all rocked the place. See the review…

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